Fitness Update v.1

I might as well start a new category on any fitness updates I share.

I weighed myself yesterday and I found out I lost 1.8lbs in a week. I think I am right on track as the healthy way of losing weight is 2 lbs per week. If I keep this up for a year, I deserve all the trophies and awards for discipline, perseverance and determination.

A couple of notes:
1. I briskwalk around 3 to 4 times a week, usually for an hour. The husband goes with me and he alternates between running and walking. An outdoor track runs for 400m and I have a goal to walk around it ten times.
2. I still cannot run. My knees give in and my bones ache. Last Monday I had to cut even walking short since I ran for 100m and had to stop as my leg bones hurt. Something is wrong with my stride.
3. Need to do better on food choices. Still no soda for me, little sweets, no snacks. I still cannot give up rice though, as I am looking forward to it with no snacks all day.
4. Need to find a way to move more even when I’m at home. If I cannot go on a strict diet, I need to punish myself by exercising more.
5. Will be doing free weights starting next week. You got to keep up with the sag!


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