Benefits of a Blackberry over an iPhone

The Blackberry and the iPhone are two of the most popular smartphones in the market today. Patrons of the two brands are very loyal to their chosen phones, which is why a cousin of mine is undecided on what to get for herself this Christmas. Although the advantage of fast iPhone development is obvious, Blackberry development is not exactly lagging behind. Currently though, she is leaning towards getting a Blackberry although not primarily for its mobile development. Below are her reasons for considering the Blackberry.

  • Keyboards. Although she is not sure yet which particular Blackberry model she will get, what she loves about most of them is that they have keyboards! They make typing easier even when you are doing other things.
  • Expandable memory. Unlike the iPhone, which comes in fixed capacities of 8, 16, or 32 gigs, the Blackberry allows you to have bigger memory capacity through its memory slot.
  • Removable battery. The battery for iPhone is fixed which means that you either charge it or you are stuck with an iPhone with a drained battery. The Blackberry lets you have a spare battery.
  • Blackberry messenger. My cousin knows a lot of people who have Blackberry phones and she is eager to connect with them through the peer-to-peer Blackberry messenger.
  • Multiple browsers. You can load use different browser applications on a Blackberry whereas iPhone users are restricted to its standard Safari browser.

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