Shopping for Party Supplies: Thanksgiving Parties


Whenever I think of Thanksgiving, aside from the obvious reason of being thankful for everything in my life, I think of all the food in the table I can eat – it is the next best stuffing celebration aside from Christmas for our family! While we pretty much have a formal dinner with the family and some relatives for Turkey Day, having children has made us realize to adjust our tradition and include ways to make it more fun for them and less stressful for us.  That is why I have games and shop for some party supplies for our annual tradition now.

Thanksgiving party supplies and decorations can be things from the garden or the farmers market: corn stalks, sun flower bouquets, hay bails, varieties of squash and gourds, and a nice collection of colored leaves. Themes like the first Thanksgiving Dinner (including Pilgrims and Native Americans), Abundant Crops (cornucopias and scarecrows), Turkeys, and football are great ideas. I actually like the pilgrims theme for the kids.


Another tip: Use your leftover Halloween pumpkins in your Thanksgiving decorations. Bring a Thanksgiving scene to life on the front of your pumpkin by using paint with stamps or stencils. Cut a hole out of the top of the pumpkin and use it as a vase to hold gold or orange mums or carnations or daisies.


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