Unique Clothes with a Statement

I have always believed that raising girls are more expensive than boy just because there are so many clothing options for girls that it is always so hard to resist buying them. I have two kids – a boy and a girl and my daughter’s closet is twice as big as her older brother’s. It makes it more difficult to resist temptation with the ease that online shopping brings (that and the fact I get my salary via Paypal too).


I particularly am into fashion statement clothes these days for my little sassy princess. She just turned four and is now asserting her independence and is showing signs of her personality. Let’s just say we no longer have a baby in the house but little big girl in the making. I have my eyes particularly on these clothing lines: Sara Sara, Hannah Banana and Baby Sara. You should them to be able to like them.

image image

At Sara Sara, their concept is to create unique special occasion dresses and sportswear for girls with careful attention to details. These collections feature sportswear ensembles and dresses that play off the funky attitude and style in keeping with our image: Fashion-forward yet sensible and most of all, UNIQUE!

Their sister brand Hannah Banana, consists of easy-wear dresses and sportswear separates for the younger girls and will be great addition to those who are looking for a new stylish brand but price conscious.

Look at these pairs – my daughter will surely look rockin’ in them!

image image image image


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