Karate Kid

We tried this restaurant after we decided that almost all of our frequented restaurants were full – it was lunch time on a Saturday so everyone was in the mall.

Initial verdict: It was cheaper than Tokyo, and had most of its meals (even the value ones, like the Sumo meals) similar to the former. It was cheaper. Our regular meal of Php800 at Tokyo Tokyo was only Php593 at Karate Kid.

IMG_2039 IMG_2041 IMG_2042


Taste: I preferred the taste of Tokyo meals, but maybe because I am just used to them. The Tonkatsu and tempura tastes were negligible as it all boils down to the sauce. The beef misono was too sweet (and too grounded) for my taste. The husband loves it though.

And if you have an SM Advantage card, you get California Maki for free. Too bad we don’t eat maki.



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