Benefits of Sea Salt




We have been made to understand the dangerous side effects of living on a diet high in sodium. Unfortunately, due to fast living, processed foods are high in preservatives which conversely is high in sodium. These are the ready meals you see in the grocery and the meals you take out from fast food restaurants. The average Western diet is too high in sodium. In the US, average sodium-intake in the daily diet is 4,000-5,000 mg. In the UK, dietary sodium-intake averages 3,500 mg daily. That is why many people are pushing for the use of sea salt. The benefits of sea salt outweigh the disadvantages of using table salt.

Sea salt is produced through evaporation of seawater, usually with little processing, which leaves behind some trace minerals and elements depending on its water source. These insignificant amounts of minerals add flavor and color to sea salt. Natural sea salt retains the trace minerals – and is effective.


One of the sea salt health benefits is using them when taking a bath. The minerals in sea salt is effective in helping alleviate certain skin conditions such as psoriasis. It has also been shown in studies to help relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis and tendonitis


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