Passing Drug Tests

As far as I know, drug testing has always been used for screening purposes for employment and license for driving applications. Recently, there was a law implementing random drug testing in the workplace and making it legal. It has been very controversial, as human rights activists argue that it would be an invasion of privacy. Lawmakers argue though, with the help of medical advice from doctors, that random drug testing will be the only way to reveal if a person has been using illegal drugs for the past three months. Drugs has been proven to stay in the blood and hair longer than in the urine and body fluids.

Remember the controversial fight between boxing champions Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao? The match didn’t push though as Pacquiao would not agree to a drug test minutes before the fight but was amenable to a drug test even after immediately the fight. He said it might ruin his game, as he is extremely queasy about having his blood drawn. Mayweather has been hinting that Pacquiao is using drugs (steroids) and for that he was slapped a libel case by the former.

One can now pass a random drug testing or even a schedule one by taking the drug detox test – you can buy detox kits that get rid of toxins in urine, hair and saliva. You can find out the toxin levels in your body in those kits too.


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