Cooking My Way to Fitness

During the course of this year, I learned two important things when it comes to losing weight and becoming healthy – you really need to watch what you eat and move a little more. You cannot only do one thing, you have to do both. And between cooking or preparing food and exercising, I find cooking healthier choices for food harder. I can exercise for hours, feel sore and still keep doing it the next day. My main challenge is that I do not know how to cook. I read somewhere that to be able to maintain healthy living, one must learn how to prepare his own food (we must be aware of the ingredients of what we are eating), so I have bought a few recipe books, did grocery shopping on the produce section and wet market and tried to learn.

Now I am cooking! I want to replace our old stove with the new range of electric cookers though. I went to a friend’s place and she was using an electric induction cooker and it was easier (for me) to operate, clean and cook with! I am eyeing this cooker:

Hotpoint HAE51K Black Electric Cooker

Hotpoint HAE51K Black Electric Cooker

At 50cm wide the neat and compact black Hotpoint HAE51K cooker should fit nicely into any kitchen. Both the cavities have lights, double glazed doors and are self-cleaning. The top cavity includes a grill and 1 shelf, the main oven is fan assisted with 2 shelves. The hob is ceramic with 4 heating zones featuring residual heating indicators. If a reliable, standard cooker is your preference then put the Hotpoint HAE51K on your shopping list.

The electric cooker is quickly becoming a very common way of cooking. It comes in a freestanding stove that has mostly four heating surfaces where the cooking is done. While professional chefs still prefer gas cookers because they are easy to regulate, electric cookers have become the standard cooking appliance that is installed in all new apartment units and condominiums.

I can think of so many advantages of electric cookers:
1. They are cheap.
2. They are safe.
3. Another advantage that electric cookers have is that they do not need a match or a lighter to light. A push or a button or a turn of the knob ensures automatically turns the on and there is a light that comes on to indicate that the unit is in use.


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