Guarding your Health and Appetite during the Holidays

If you have leather wallets at, then you have safeguarded your wallet from robbery and thieves especially during the holidays. But there is one thing you should also guard – your health and appetite.


“Everything in Moderation.”

“You can have stuffing and pie but not seconds or thirds–if you REALLY want the pie, you need to stay intelligent–maybe skip the stuffing or sweet potatoes and cut a bigger piece of pumpkin pie.”


“Everything in moderation, enjoy yourself, don’t go into it full of dread. Especially this year, after this horrible storm we had where tens of thousands of people are homeless, have lost everything, there’s so much reason for us to take time to reflect on why we are thankful, and what we have in our life. Focus on that and you’ll enter the holiday with a much fuller spirit and a much cleaner heart.”


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