What to Do in Columbus, Georgia: Tourist Spots

I would love to go on a family trip soon and Columbus, Georgia is my place of choice. I am actually looking at different Columbus Georgia hotels right now, comparing rates and features across the board.

I know that Georgia is not the first choice for family trips but here are great attractions you can visit with your family, even with children below 10 years old!

Space Science Center, Columbus–This Science Center has been constructed with a view to providing exposure to children in the field of science and astronomy, and to satisfy their thirst for knowledge.

One of the less known Georgia attractions is Providence Canyon. Providence canyon is located about thirty miles east of Columbus, Georgia. The Providence Canyon is known as Georgia’s little Grand Canyon. Providence Canyon is a result of bad erosion control caused from southern farmers not taking adequate drainage and soil treatment back before anyone knew the effect it could have on nearby land.

National Civil War Naval Museum.
The National Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus is the only museum to address the naval history of both the Confederate and Union sides of the Civil War.

Springer Opera House.
Celebrating creativity and freedom of expression, the Springer Opera House is the South’s premier performing arts facility, built by theater and performing arts enthusiast, Francis Joseph Springer.

The nature tourist attractions are also a great attraction. My family loves walking around and sightseeing. And taking a lot of pictures. I am sure these memories would be great for our family albums.


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