Dental Care: Time for Braces

My son is turning twelve in the a couple of weeks and I think it’s the perfect time for him to get fitted with braces. He is severely overbite and has some overlapping teeth (big teeth, small jaw) so going to a trip with a Cosmetic Dentist Miami is a must for him.

No guts, no glory.

This is what I said to him when we briefed him when he starts wearing braces, frequent trips to the Cosmetic Dentist Miami and some pain and discomfort will be a regular occurrence, hopefully only lasting for a year, two years at most.

I am excited how he will look like though – I am sure he will look even more handsome!


One thought on “Dental Care: Time for Braces

  1. No guts, no glory, no smile! Age 12 is a good time for parents to have a straight forward conversation with their child about braces. The idea can be scary, but parents can help their children through the tough decision by weighing the pros and cons, discussing expectations with the orthodontist, and looking at before and after photos online. Often times, looking at photos and reading testimonials is enough to help young children through such a difficult– and albeit exciting– time.

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