Grocery Budgeting

I was a bit surprised with how much we are allocating each for our wet market needs. I usually let our helper buy produce and meat from the market every Sunday. I commented that my set amount per week produced less food in the table and I noticed that there were not much veggies anymore. Our help told me that it might be better for me to just buy meat from the grocery because I can select cuts (whereas in the wet market you get one whole chicken, have it chopped and had it weighed) and it might be cheaper for us since slices are bigger.

So I tried to see if it works – and one week’s worth of wet market versus the price used in the grocery led to 8 days worth of meals + the kids’ baon to school. I am sad though because I don’t get to have that much veggies.

Everything seems more expensive these days. I wish salaries increase too!


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