Crunch Time

August has been a bad month for me, fitness-wise (and maybe in other aspects, hehe). I have failed to do most of the things I aimed to do and indulged in soda and fast food.

If I want to get into shape and lose weight enough for it to be noticeable by Christmas, I need to be serious and step up my game. I’ve been reading up on materials about detoxification again and so far here is my plan:

1. Eat oatmeal everyday for one month. I have read testimonies saying the people who ate oatmeal religiously for more than a month lowered their bad cholesterol considerably. I have high cholesterol so this would be a big help.
2. Drink water. I read in a fitness magazine that the amount of your daily water intake should be half of your body weight. So the heavier you are, the more you should drink up.
3. Juice once a day. I have started on this today. I will be juicing once a day – a combination of carrots, apples, spinach and cucumber. I want to add fiber in my diet and this will definitely help.


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