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To help me eat healthier, we bought a stove top grill and a turbo broiler. A turbo broiler is a popular appliance in the Philippines. It helps you cook meat and chicken (even fish) without the oil. You can think of it as a cross between oven baking and grilling. This way, I will not eat too much food with oil and would not need hoodia gordonii pills to help me lose weight.

A Turbo Oven is really quite simple to operate but if you want to make sure you knew how to use it properly first, have a look at the following video and see how easy it is to have a beautifully-roasted chicken in just 40-45 minutes!

A Turbo Oven / Cooker / Broiler is a table top oven that uses convection heat and therefore cooks 50% faster than regular ovens so if you’re adapting a regular oven recipe, remember to cut cooking time in half and lower the temperature of the turbo by about 50 degrees fahrenheit. Don’t worry because there will be some examples later in the page.

You can also prepare healthy and delicious dishes with it. There is no need to rub meat with oil or butter for a tender and juicy roast because the circulating hot air perfectly browns and sears the outside of the meat, sealing in the juices to preserve flavor and moisture. You can opt to let the fat drip onto a baking pan, placed under the wire rack in the oven, for a flavorful, delicious and satisfying meal minus the guilt.


  • It’s versatile. A turbo oven can bake, steam, broil, grill, roast, and even thaw frozen food.
  • It’s very easy to use. Just throw all your ingredients together in a baking pan (or a few sheets of foil), place it on the wire rack that comes with the oven, cover, switch it on, set the temperature and timer and voila! You can go on doing other things while the oven cooks your food.
  • It lets you save on time. Because it uses convection heat, it’s hotter and therefore cooks up to 50% faster than regular ovens so you can make more in a lot less time. It also requires no preheating so you can just go ahead, put your food in and relax.
  • It lets you save on space. Unlike oven ranges, turbo ovens are portable and can easily fit on a kitchen counter or table top. If you’re short on space, getting one would be a practical solution as you can cook practically anything with it.
  • It lets you save money. Turbo ovens are a practical and economic choice for your kitchen, requiring 80% less electricity than a conventional oven. Like I mentioned above, they can cook anything and they cost a fraction of what an oven range does. If you have a small family and don’t do heavy-duty cooking and baking, a turbo is definitely a smart choice.
  • It lets you cook healthy. Preparing food in a turbo, like chicken for example, doesn’t require extra fats or oils to guarantee that you’ll always end up with crispy, golden-brown skin and flavorful, juicy meat. The circulating hot air perfectly browns & sears the outside of meat and seals juices inside to preserve flavor and moisture.
  • It’s not hazardous to your health. Because the turbo oven doesn’t use the harsh radiant elements of a microwave or a conventional oven, heating is more gentle and more thorough and the flavor of your food is kept intact. Notice that when you cook with a microwave, heating is uneven – hot outside but cold in spots?
  • It keeps your kitchen clean and fresh. It’s smokeless, odorless and won’t heat up your kitchen.
  • It’s easy to clean up. I usually place the food on a baking pan or on a wire rack (with a baking pan beneath for catching drippings) so my food doesn’t actually touch the inside of the oven. After using, I just take the food out and then wipe the vessel clean with paper towels. That’s it!

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  1. please send me more recipes using turbo broiler oven especially those “steamed fish or steamed vegetables”

    thank you.

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