Polished concrete floor: Elegance in flooring

Building a new house for you and your family? A contractor with superior skills and understanding can give advice on what would give your polished concrete flooring the best result. Having grand flooring in a residence is an excellent investment. If you have concrete, it can be polished to a high standard for stunning floor covering which needs no outside layer or waxing. You can grind fresh or aged concrete floors to a high glossy finish.

A polished concrete floor looks like polished stone and is extremely tough. It is ornamental, sensible and also reasonably priced. Concrete is polished with sanding pads and grinders up to the point that it becomes sleek and silky. This also goes the same for epoxy flooring. If kept dried out and spotless, a polished concrete floor is no more slippery than standard concrete. In fact, it is less slick than linoleum or polished marble. Almost any concrete floor may be polished but if it is new, you should hang around a month more before polishing it. Existing floors might need some cleaning before being polished. The flooring business is experiencing requests for polished concrete right now from business facilities to show rooms to private homes.


One thought on “Polished concrete floor: Elegance in flooring

  1. I am looking to put a new floor in my garage. Do you think I should use a polished concrete floor or an epoxy floor for my garage? Is one more eco-friendly than the other?

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