The Different Poker Rakeback Methods

If you are an online poker player then you must be very knowledgeable when it comes to rakeback. However, if you are just a beginner at online poker then it is very important to learn more about poker rakeback.

Poker websites collect rake from every winning pot, this is how they make money. Some websites offer rakeback deals where they give a portion of the rake back to the players. There are several ways that a website may do this and before playing in a poker website, make sure to find out how they distribute the rake. Below are some of the methods that a lot of poker websites use.

  • Dealt rake calculation method. This method benefits those that are tight and passive because it divides the rake equally among the players who are dealt into a hand.
  • Contributed rake calculation method. This method is similar to the dealt rake calculation method except that it only divides the rake equally among the players who contributed to the pot. This way, only those who actually put in money gets to rake back.
  • Weighted contributed rake method. This method benefits the loose and aggressive players because rake is distributed among the players based on how much they actually contributed to the pot. So the more you bet, the bigger rake you get back.

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