Wishing for an all inclusive family vacation to Jamaica

I could really use a break right now, I want to go somewhere to relax and unwind. Jamaica vacations comes to mind. My dad has been to the Caribbean a few times and he would always say how beautiful the resorts are, he loved going to the beach to just admire the wonderful view around him. My dad loves his job because he has been able to visit a lot of wonderful countries, yes he travels for work but he was able also to get a day or two just to go sight seeing like a normal tourist. He has been to a lot of different countries, even Negril Jamaica and Portugal. Of course if I could go to Jamaica I would want to get an inclusive Jamaica holiday package to make sure I get all the relaxation I need not to mention the pampering and good food. I would of family friendly activities we could do together and at the same time plan for a romantic date with my husband as well. We all love the beach so I’m sure there will be plenty for us to do and we will have a great time.


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