Travel Plans

We are currently planning our holidays and business trips for next year, at least for the first six months of the year 2011. I noticed that our previous travels have been really quick ones that we never really got the chance to go on famous national parks tours and savor every moment on foreign land. Sure, we got to immerse on local culture via food and shopping sprees but we usually lacked the time to visit and enjoy art in museums & theaters. So our priority for next year is to go on less number of trips abroad but we will make each trip longer than previous holidays. This is to make room for more activities in each destination. We have gone on Europe tours before so our main target is to go on Asia tours for a different perspective. I am currently doing my research and found that the site of Collette Vacations provide various resources and incredible information on different destinations. I cannot believe I never consulted this site before! The escorted tours and packages seem complete and extensive. I feel it will be a good idea to deal with them because the trips seem complete and extensive, just the way I envision our next trips to be.


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