Professional Ebook Creation

The demand for ebooks has increased in this era of digital technology. Have you ever wondered how fast book companies like and Scholastic are able to convert their titles into ebooks? Even the old titles are now readily available in the online bookstores. They are not doing it themselves of course! There is a third party company who does the document conversion for them. It is not surprising that they are employing the services of a company like Aptara Corporation.

Aptara is one of the industry’s leading companies in digital publishing. Amazon and Scholastic are just two of the known companies that trust Aptara. With 20 years of experience, Aptara is able to gain the necessary expertise to provide their clients with high quality output. With the employment of the Lean Six Sigma Methodology, as well as ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certifications, Aptara’s services are world class. Surely, with the approach of quality control, who can question the capabilities of Aptara’s more than 3700 professionals worldwide?

On a smaller scale, independent authors can also work with Aptara for their Ebook creation. As already mentioned, a lot of people are now leaning towards reading digital files rather then sticking up with old-school printed books. Ebooks are environmentally friendly as well as easier to bring around. One just needs to have a reader, save ebooks into the device and he is ready to go. This is why small-time authors also need to plan ahead and issue their work digitally. Aptara’s project editorial team is able to track the processes for the client helping them achieve high level of efficiency, profitability and cost-effectiveness. The assigned team is also willing to provide support from infancy to completion of the project. With the kind of service Aptara offers, no big company or new market player will go wrong.


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