My Love Affair with Coffee

My love affair with coffee began when I was studying in college. While our classmates would go to bars to drink beers or watch movies in cinemas after classes to unwind, me and my group of friends would go to a coffee shop. At first, going there was for purely leisurely purposes. Me and my friends love to talk, and the coffee shop was the perfect place for us to hear each other over a cup of coffee and pastries. After that, we went there to study to review for grueling exams in biochemistry and microbiology. Pretty soon I needed coffee to keep me awake at night in my room so I can study.

These days I need a cup of coffee, preferably iced (no matter how cold it is), to make sure I function and get me in the mood to work. I am slowly starting to appreciate the different tastes of the different kinds of coffee, thanks to living in the coffee capital of my country. (Seriously we live 500 meters away from a coffee farm!) I know that kona coffee  is actually coffee cultivated and grown from the lands of Kona, Hawaii. Lately, there has been a growing demand for organic coffee because people are more aware of the harmful effects of pesticides.

Of course, my favorite gourmet coffee is amaretto coffee. Once it’s brewed a dash of hazelnut or caramel is a surefire way to get me in good spirits!


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