Food Custom Printed Labels

Do you read food labels? I recommend you start reading them, even if you are not really conscious of what you eat or not counting calories. You NEED to know what you eat.


The Food and Drug Administration requires that all processed foods be labeled according to a set of guidelines. A label must list values for a 2000-calorie diet as well as limits for both a 2000 and a 2500-calorie diet. Serving sizes have been standardized based on how much of a food people eat. If manufacturers list an ingredient, they must also list the amount of that ingredient and what proportion of the recommended intake it represents.



Food manufacturers should also note when their products expire, and when it was manufactured. There are some who use stamps (heat stamped by machine) on their boxes but Custom Printed Labels last longer and are noticed more. And that’s what consumers need – they need to notice the label so that they will read it.


That is why Custom Labels are so in demand. Most companies start with needing a logo custom-made and then when it is approved, they are now made into different labels for attaching to their packaging to brand their products even more. Data Graphics Inc. has been in the industry for 25 years and have been making all kinds of labels, specifically Custom Label, for manufacturers and consumers.


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