Korean Cuisine

I love to experiment and try out different cuisines once in a while. I pretty much eat anything so you wont have trouble pleasing me. But let me eat something sweet (Im a dessert lover) and you will please me more :D . Ever since my obsession with Korean soap dramas started, I became curious to Korean food. Korean soaps involve a lot of scenes where talking takes place when they are eating and I got curious with all the food they eat sometimes. I just know Korean kimchi and that’s it! I would love to try out an authentic Korean restaurant here in our area but the problem is, Koreans (most of them anyways) speak very little English. And well, I speak nada Korean that I would need a language translator to understand what they are saying. Too bad there arent any subtitles in real life, eh? Here are some foods Id like to try:

For Appetizers:
Hae-mool Pajun, Gogi Wan-ja Jun, Kimchi Jun, Dal-gyal Mal-e, Kimbap/Gimbap

For Main Dish Recipes:
Ddok Kalbee, Kimchi Chigae, Soondubu, Kalbi Jjim, Dwaeji-dwen-jang, Sam-gyae-tang, Nuhbi-Ani Gu-e, Dwaeji-Bulgogi, Dak bulgogi, Dak Kang-jung

They are quite a handful to pronounce huh?


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