Food For Thought Friday


Do you Twitter or Facebook?
Both. I use Twitter more than Facebook though.

What are you looking most forward to this summer?
Summer is over on my part of the world. But I’m looking forward to summer next year – I hope a friend’s plan of coming home pushes through.

What is the easiest thing you fixed for dinner this week?
I did not even cook a single dish this week – lucky me! Thank heavens for mother and maids who cook :)

Midnight Snack
What are you envious about right now?
People who can eat and not gain a single pound! While I cannot even turn down a single slice of pie and need the best diet pill out there to help me lose weight! Life is unfair, what can I say :)

Recipe of the Week

(instead of your recipe for life what is it just for the week?)
Happiness comes not when desires are fulfilled but when desires are controlled.


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